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Gautier is one of the best known furniture brands in the world. The company has attained a global footprint with satisfied customers in every corner of the world.
The vision of the company is to anticipate consumer needs and deliver world class contemporary furniture solutions. This has been possible through its strong commitment to design innovation and creativity on one side and the adoption of high end manufacturing technology and stringent quality standards on the other.

The Gautier home furniture range covers the entire spectrum of living spaces including Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Junior Bedrooms and Nursery, Dining spaces, Storage units and other furniture accessories. A wide selection of design options is available under each category to meet and complement the user’s specific tastes and personal lifestyle preferences. All the products are made in France backed by skilled French designing and workmanship. A completely integrated manufacturing process right from the best quality materials to distribution coupled with outstanding quality and durability ensures that each piece of Gautier furniture continues to be a source of joy and inspiration for its customers for years to come. At the heart of Gautier’s excellence is its contemporary styling and design philosophy which ensures that its furniture has a strong visual and aesthetic identity, is designed ergonomically for comfort and practicality, and makes optimal use of the available space.

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Adress : Rue Georges Clémenceau
Phone : 02 51 61 40 00
Fax : 02 51 61 41 41
Email :
Internet site :
On-line sale to the professionals
Annual turnover 2008 : 160 000 Euro
Speciality : ~   Dining room
~   Dressing
~   Bed room
~   Living room
~   Office
Manufactured furniture : ~   Bookshelves
~   Side-board
~   Writing desk
~   Chair
~   Chiffonnier
~   Chest of drawers
~   Console
~   Enfilade
~   Bed
~   Mattress - base
~   Work table
~   Table
~   Extension table
~   Small table
~   Cabinets
Styles : ~   Contemporain
~   Moderne
~   Design
~   Jeune habitat
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Wardrobe Dressing Oxygene - Dressing Wardrobe Oxygene
 Bed room  Quartz - Bed room   Quartz
 Dining room  Urban - Dining room   Urban
 Bed room Calico - Bed room  Calico
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